Fun Fact: "Social Animals" Hens are social creatures that enjoy the company of other hens. They form pecking orders and have a complex social hierarchy.






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Meet Lucinda, a remarkable hen who found her forever home at our animal sanctuary in 2020. Lucinda’s journey to safety was not an easy one, but her resilience and spirit have made her a beloved member of our sanctuary family.

Lucinda is the last surviving, now senior, hen. She came with 11 sisters. All were rescued from a factory farm egg laying operation where all of the birds were going to be culled due to a COVID outbreak amongst the slaughterhouse workers.

Before arriving at our sanctuary, Lucinda endured a life filled with hardship and uncertainty. She was rescued from a factory farm where she was confined to a small, overcrowded cage, deprived of the freedom to roam and express her natural behaviors. Despite the challenging circumstances, Lucinda’s gentle nature and unwavering determination shone through.

Since her arrival, Lucinda has blossomed into a radiant and confident hen. Her vibrant feathers, ranging from warm shades of brown to hints of gold, reflect the newfound joy she experiences every day. With her bright, curious eyes and graceful movements, Lucinda captivates the hearts of all who meet her.

Lucinda’s transformation is a testament to the healing power of love and compassion. She has embraced her newfound freedom with enthusiasm, eagerly exploring the sanctuary grounds and relishing in the simple pleasures of dust bathing and sunbathing. Her gentle clucks and contented purrs serve as a reminder of the peace she has found in her sanctuary home.

As a female hen, Lucinda possesses a nurturing and protective instinct. She has formed strong bonds with her fellow rescued hens, acting as a guardian and source of comfort for those who have experienced trauma. Lucinda’s compassionate nature extends beyond her feathered friends, as she has also formed a special bond with the sanctuary staff and volunteers, showering them with affection and gratitude.

Lucinda’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the countless hens who still suffer in factory farms. Through her presence, she inspires us to continue advocating for a world where all animals are treated with kindness and respect. Lucinda’s journey from darkness to light is a testament to the resilience of the animal spirit and the transformative power of sanctuary.

We are honored to have Lucinda as a cherished member of our animal sanctuary family. Her presence reminds us every day of the incredible capacity for healing and love that exists within each and every animal. Lucinda’s story is a beacon of hope, and we are committed to providing her with a lifetime of happiness, safety, and freedom.

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